Microfiber Pads

Easy to use two pads system for all your polishing needs

Industry Leading Cutting and Polishing results

Cutting Pad is constructed with a blue foam and white microfiber. Polishing Pad is constructed with a black foam and black microfiber.


  • Cutting Pad – Unique material provides industry leading cutting capabilities yet the fibers mat down less quickly which results in reduced pad temperatures
  • Polishing Pad – Special blend of material provides an amazing finishing ability resulting in a micromar or haze free finish on all dark colors, including black.
  • Specifications – Designed to have minimal overhang for precision polishing and even pressure; 11mm thickness provides increased durability and perfect rotation on contoured surfaces

Part NumberProduct NameDimensionsAttachment MethodImageBuying Options
MF-150-CUTMicrofiber Cutting Pad1-1/2"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY
MF-225-CUTMicrofiber Cutting Pad2-1/4"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY
MF-325-CUTMicrofiber Cutting Pad3-1/4"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY
MF-525-CUTMicrofiber Cutting Pad5-1/4"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY
MF-625-CUTMicrofiber Cutting Pad6-1/4"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY
MF-325-POLMicrofiber Polishing Pad3-1/4"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY
MF-525-POLMicrofiber Polishing Pad5-1/4"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY
MF-625-POLMicrofiber Polishing Pad6-1/4"Hook & Loop WHERE TO BUY


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