System 3000

Self-contained cleaning system for washing all sizes and types of pads - wool and foam, from 3-in to 9-in

U.S. Patent 8,893,734

System 3000™ Features:

The System 3000™ Padwasher continually circulates the cleaning solution. Works best where frequent solution changes are a must. Works with Random Orbital, DA, Rotary polishers. Works with all sizes and types of pads - wool and foam from 3-in to 9-in


  • Easy to operate – Closed top design keeps operator clean when spin-drying pads.
  • Light-weight – Weighs less than 20 pounds, filled.
  • Durable, efficient, and long-lasting – German engineered positive displacement pump. Molded with 100% polypropylene & glass-filled nylon.

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90-3000System 3000™ Pad Washer   WHERE TO BUY


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