Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

Korean microfiber towels that are great for both drying and removing residue.

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Towel Size: 16 x 16"

What Makes Korean Microfiber Better?

Korean microfiber is the gold standard of quality of material. The manufacturing process to make the microfiber is unmatched in the industry which results in the most consistent amterial on the market.


  • Edgeless Towel – No edge = no seam for potential scratches. Great for use after waxing or final wipe down.
  • Edged Towel– Great towel for removing residue or prior to waxing your vehicle.
  • High Density Microfiber – On both towels, this type of microfiber removes wax and residue completely.

Blue, Blue & Gold, Gold, Navy Blue

Towel Size

16 x 16"


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