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Here’s What Goes Into Each of Lake Country Manufacturing’s Buffing Pads
The Science of Foam


Lake Country’s premium engineered foams are developed and sourced worldwide to offer the best products available. Hundreds of hours go into testing, research and development dialing in the specific foam formulations we use to get the perfect results and make your life easier. Foam is typically broken down into two categories: reticulated and non-reticulated.

Open cell foam 75x magnified

Reticulated Foam (Open Cell)

In reticulated foam (also known as open cell foam), there are very few, if any, intact bubbles or cell windows. The structure is very similar to a net.

  • Resistance to compression is decreased (the same foam will feel less firm if reticulated).
  • Tear resistance is increased, making pads more durable, reducing heat and increasing performance on long throw DA polishers.
  • More compound and polish will be absorbed than with non-reticulated foam, however reticulated foams are more durable and typically increase the longevity of the cutting power during the polishing cycle.

Non-reticulated Foam
(Closed Cell)

Non-reticulated foam pores are completely sealed with windows intact or film covering the cell. Due to the density and construction, polish becomes more difficult to absorb, keeping the polish or abrasive on the surface, which increases working time and efficiency of the polishing cycle.

  • Closed cell pads reduce the absorption of polish and keep abrasive on the pad surface to increase performance and save on polish usage.
  • Reduced durability of the foam product leads to a shorter lifespan in comparison to open cell variations.

Open cell foam 75x magnified

Microfiber Pads

Specialty Blends For Specialty Jobs

With years of testing, a complete line of three microfiber pads was created to tackle any job with an orbital or forced rotation polisher. Using specific blends of microfiber and special bonding materials, we created these pads to have durability and longevity that is tough to compete with. Each pad offers its own unique blend of microfiber, paired with the appropriate foam interface to suit each purpose.
Repeating grid pattern, horizontal

Microfiber for Cutting & Polishing

If you have a cutting or polishing task to get done, there’s an LC microfiber pad that’s up to the job. All three microfiber pad designs are precisely sized to minimize overhang and apply even pressure.

  • White cutting pad: With a durable blue foam interface that delivers a balanced, smooth operating experience, this cutting pad works on tools with backing plates up to 6 inches.
  • Light cutting pad: Consider this ultra-plush pad your “one-step” option. It’s the closest you can get to an all-in-one pad!
  • Black polishing pad: Leaves a sleek, haze-free finish on dark surfaces – even black.

Microfiber Mini Pads

Mini microfiber pads make the most of every usable surface, making it possible to access all those tough-to-reach areas. These 1.5” and 2.25” pads are perfect for use with a mini long-throw polisher or micro polisher.

Premium Knitted Wool Pads

A Grade Above The Competition

Knitted wool pads combine the performance benefits of traditional lambswool with the ability to blend materials to suit specific cutting or finishing needs, all while ensuring a consistent quality from pad to pad. Compared to traditional wool pads, knitted pads reduce the amount of shedding or linting. Our signature foamed wool pads are known around the world for their cushioned feel and finishing ability.

Created from only the highest grade wool and proprietary blends of materials, LC’s knitted wool pads deliver best-in-class results. If you have a project that calls for a wool pad, we offer (or create) a solution, no matter the application or the machine.

Signature Foamed Wools

Ideal for body shop, detailing, OEM and industrial applications.
One-Step Compounding

Aggressively removes P1500 scratches and finishes to high gloss in one step. Cuts like natural sheepskin but finishes like a foam pad, leaving a lustrous finish.

Nano Foamed Wool Technology

Interlocking the wool fibers, a polyurethane foam is blended and embedded in the base of the knitted wool, creating more surface area and reducing pile flattening.

Pre-washed Knitted Wool

Our pre-washed knitted wool pads come in a variety of blends, making these pads ideal for any industrial application. Pre-washing removes natural oils to increase cutting ability and abrasive adhesion.
Reduced Lint

Work cleaner and reduce contamination of the environment in body shop and OEM applications where it matters most.

Consistent Quality & Construction

The manufacturing process ensures uniform material, unlike natural sheepskin, which varies in consistency. A higher density product makes the material resist caking and matting.

Repeating grid pattern, horizontal
Tufted Wool Pads

The Original Pad Material

Tufted wool pads come in a seemingly endless variety of sizes, blends and constructions. Tufted wool is a traditional, aggressive cutting material that’s been used across the industry for decades, which explains the devoted following these pads inspire. Lake Country is the only manufacturer to offer both steamed and unsteamed wool pads to fit any need or purpose.
Repeating grid pattern, horizontal

Steamed Pads

During the steaming process, tufted wool yarn strands “bloom” in the heat and moisture, providing a full, plush feeling and locking in loose fibers. These pads use less wool, making them lighter.
Larger Strands

During the steaming process, the strands bloom and swell.

Less Initial Blow-off

Steamed wool reduces the amount of wool that is initially shed from the pad during first use.

Look and Feel

Visually, the pad appears plusher, with a firmer feel.

Unsteamed Pads (Traditional)

The traditional build of an unsteamed pad includes more strands per square inch and less processing to the raw material.
More Aggressive

Due to the tighter sewn strands, these pads are more aggressive in their function.

More Initial Blow-off

During first-time use, there will be a greater amount of blow-off. There will be minimal shedding for the remaining life of the pad.

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