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Popular Pad Types

Partially Closed Foam Cell

CCS Pads

Featuring our patented CCS Technology™, CCS pads improve polish performance by slowing and controlling the rate of polish.
Microfiber & Foam

HDO Pads

Designed for long-stroke polishers, dual-layer Heavy Duty Orbital (HDO) pads offer durability and performance-enhancing characteristics.
Low Lint Wool & Foam

SDO Pads

Standard Duty Orbital (SDO) pads offer the same outstanding foams and performance as the HDO line, but without the dual-layer construction.
New Product Offering

Introducing the SDO CCS Line

Standard Duty Orbital or SDO pads have been designed to offer the same great engineered foams as the HDO line without the dual layer construction. Available in both our standard flat design or with the added benefits of our patented CCS technology. Now available in 1 and 2 inch sizes.

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Where to Buy

Lake Country Manufacturing’s buffing and polishing products are distributed worldwide. Find a retail location near you, or shop for LC products through one of our online retailers.

For Distributors

Our distributor network thrives because of our sales support, dedicated assistance, private label opportunities and logistical excellence. Discover how partnering with LC benefits your business.

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LC Innovation

We are dedicated to leading the industry in innovation. With 69 patents and counting, we continue to raise the bar and evolve to solve the needs of our growing and changing market.

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