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Who We Are

Lake Country Manufacturing is a privately-owned manufacturer of buffing and polishing products for the industrial; paint, body and equipment (PBE); detailing and consumer markets. We strive to find profitable solutions for our worldwide network of distribution partners by developing proprietary products and customized buffing systems. Innovation is a foundational part of our business–we currently hold 69 US and international patents, including the System 2000™ Pad Washer, System 4000® Pad Washer, Scuff Ball™, and CCS Technology™. Continually reinvesting in our business by acquiring cutting-edge equipment, expanding into larger facilities and enhancing our product lines contributes to our history of growth and success.

Lake Country DNA

pillars of the LC culture


Major Milestones


Milwaukee Tanning is established by the Knoernschild family. It manufactures four main lines of goods: sheepskin apparel, powder puffs, leather dice cups and sheepskin buffing pads.

Original Bull Wool product


Jim Schneider purchases the former Milwaukee Tanning company from the Knoernschild family and changes the name to Lake Country Manufacturing. The business moves into a 10,000-square foot facility in Merton, Wisconsin.


The cosmetic powder puff division is sold off as Lake Country Manufacturing focuses its efforts on buffing pads. LC develops the first foam pads to be offered in the US market.


Lake Country Manufacturing moves to a larger manufacturing facility in Hartland, Wisconsin, doubling the operational size.

Newspaper article about Lake Country moving to Pabst Farm



LC’s tradition of innovation continues. In 1995, LC is the first to introduce European prepolymer foams in the US market. More new products are launched, including the System 2000™ Padwasher in 1996 and VC pads in 1997.


With the arrival of a new millennium, LC continues to develop new products. Tufted foam pads are launched this year.


Three new product innovations are developed in quick succession. The Scuff Ball™ hits markets in 2010, followed by CCS pads in 2011 (to improve upon competitors’ waffle pad designs) and HDO pads in 2012.

HDO buffing pad


Lake Country moves into our state-of-the-art 82,000-square foot building located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The System 3000™ Padwasher hits the market.

Lake Country's state-of-the-art facility


Lake Country Manufacturing acquires American Buffing Co.


LC expands its international presence, particularly in the United Kingdom, and opens a global training center to educate users about buffing and polishing.

Performance cars


Lake Country Manufacturing continues to be forward-looking, with a dynamic growth and innovation strategy driving everything we do.

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