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HDO vs. SDO, Why Choose One or the Other?

The SDO pad line is one of the newest products offered by Lake Country Manufacturing, and is often considered alongside the extremely popular HDO pad line.  With good reason – they both have the same signature LC foam formulation, leading many detailers to wonder when to choose HDO or SDO pads. The answer to this frequently asked question comes down to what tool you’re using and your unique needs. 

Lake Country Manufacturing’s premium HDO pad line was specifically designed to increase performance on long throw polishers.   HDO’s dual layer design combines the benefits of a thin, exact fit and tapered pad into one game-changing product.  

After Lake Country introduced the HDO line, we found that detailers loved the tapered design and signature foams so much, they started using HDO pads on all of their polishers, not just long-throw machines.   

While HDO will still perform well on other tools, the unique benefits and design of the HDO line results in a higher manufacturing cost and therefore, a slightly higher price point.   In some cases, such as high volume shop environments, HDO may be more pad than a detailer needs for the job.

Lake Country added the SDO pad line for detailers using forced rotation or other non-long throw polishers. SDO has some of the HDO features, including the exclusive Lake Country foam and tapered design to reduce pad rolling, without the dual layer design.  At ⅞”, SDO pads are also slightly thinner than the 1” HDO pads. As a result, SDO offers a lower price point and an alternative for users of forced rotation polishers. Each detailer can now choose between HDO and SDO based on the tools they’re using and the job at hand.

Check out our YouTube Channel for a new video featuring Lake Country SDO pads. You can also download our full product catalog.

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