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The Secrets of Wool Pads: Sourcing Materials and Fabrication

Lake Country Manufacturing sold its first-ever natural sheepskin wool pad in 1977, and the fact that professionals have relied on us for cutting, compounding, and polishing ever since makes us immensely proud.

Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop a wide variety of many unique wool pads throughout the years that meet a plethora of challenges faced by detailers in an ever-changing industry.

Twisted, Tufted, Knitted, Foamed… What Does It All Mean?

One of the major options we have introduced is the choice of steamed (modern) versus un-steamed (traditional) wool in our tufted wool pad line-up.

Unsteamed wool pads tend to be highly aggressive, which is great – but not necessarily for all situations, such as when working with softer paint. In this case, we steam the wool, which prompts the strands to ‘bloom’ from the heat and moisture, providing a full, extra plush yet slightly firmer feel to the pad. The result is a wool pad with a slightly less extreme cutting potential and a simultaneous reduction in the initial shedding that occurs in all wool pads.

Another great variation is the twisted wool construction, which provides extra cut in our tufted wool pad range. Untwisted wool pads have a fuzzy, fluffy feel and keep their strands vertical, aiding in the finishing process. We even have a variation blended with silk for a finer approach.

Conversely, our twisted pads feel coarser, with the fibers compacting more tightly in use. When you need maximum cutting ability, our twisted, tufted 100% wool pad cannot be outdone.

The Lake Country knitted range of wool pads is a cutting edge product line, including the classic, pre-washed lambswool pad and a foamed wool construction that implements a patented, proprietary nanofoam process. We add a cushioning layer at the base of the wool fibers which keep abrasives near the surface while giving it a foam pad feel. This feature can also be found in our purple foamed wool pad and our blue hybrid pad, which has an even denser base to it.

We have taken the time to stretch the possibilities of the humble wool pad by way of boundless innovation, reimagining it to suit all styles and scenarios. This includes, but is not limited to, acrylic/poly blends, different shape options, variable wool thicknesses, and more.

low lint wool pad

What Makes a Great Wool Pad?

The original sheepskin wool pads were very simple but carried the same inconsistencies of raw wool still attached to the sheep. While the modern construction process solves this problem, we still need access to high quality raw materials at the start to ensure our customers are buying a genuine product.

Unfortunately, there are many inexpensive imitation wool pads on the market made from polyester, though claiming to be real wool. As a premium U.S. manufacturer, Lake Country sources wool from trusted suppliers globally, using the seasonal nature of wool growth as a benchmark to ensure that our products remain consistent at all times and that every fiber we knit meets strict US standards for animal welfare and quality. These measures guarantee that the Lake Country wool pad you are working with will perform at the highest level and most importantly, is built to last.

By communicating with detailers and heeding their feedback, Lake Country Manufacturing will continue to develop and refine our wool pad range. If you are interested in learning more about wool pads and to discover which ones apply to your detailing needs, reach out to us! You may even receive a personal video response from Kelly Harris, our Global Director of Training!

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