Better Edge Pads

This pad is manufactured using the finest engineered foams that are specifically designed for compounding, finishing, and waxing the newer, harder, scratch-resistant finishes.

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Pad Size: 8-1/2"
Attachment Method: Hook & Loop
Recommended Tools: Rotary

Engineered Design

Allow users to buff not only on the flat part of the pad but on the edge as well.


  • Better Edge Design – Beveled edge allows access under mirrors, door handles, trim and more.
  • Recessed Back– Allows precision alignment for perfect balance and eliminates the possibility of contact with an exposed backing plate.
  • Machine Washable – Safely clean pads without affecting performance and durability.

Yellow Cutting, Orange Light Cutting, Soft White Polishing, Black Finishing

Pad Size


Attachment Method

Hook & Loop


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