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Heavy Duty Orbital (HDO) Microfiber Pads

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Designed for long throw polishers specifically, the Heavy Duty Orbital (HDO) line was created to offer more durable and performance enhancing characteristics.

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Attachment Method: Hook & Loop
Recommended Tools: Mini Polisher, Random Orbital DA

Pad Design

In line with our HDO Foam pad design, we’ve added the advantages of a tapered profile to our famous Microfiber pads.  Having a tapered profile increases your options, opening up a wider range of appropriate cutting and polishing techniques (such as slight tilting), as well as improving access in tighter spots while simultaneously creating a safer buffer zone around your backing plate.


  • Stay Cool – The center cooling chamber (on full-size HDO Microfiber pads) reduces the risk of overheating, increasing pad durability and improving safety.
  • Shape and Design – Design offers even pressure distribution like an exact fit pad, but shape/profile offers the precision and safety of a tapered pad. The tapered edge prevents pad rolling and provides great pad rotation. Great for curved and contoured panels.

Heavy Cutting Fiber w/ Black Foam, Heavy Cutting Fiber w/ Blue Foam, Light Cutting Fiber w/ Orange Foam

Pad Size

3-1/2", 5-1/2", 6-1/2"

Attachment Method

Hook & Loop

1 review for Heavy Duty Orbital (HDO) Microfiber Pads


    One step Orange microfiber pads the greatest pad ever created, seems like they go with all my jobs, I would buy 2 dozens if I was able to. Seems like I can’t find them anywhere? Lake country can you bless me with some pads.

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