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Polishing Wool Steamed Pads
Tufted Wool Aggression Chart
Polishing Wool Steamed Pads
Polishing Wool Steamed Pads

Polishing Wool Steamed Pads

Polishing Wool Pads constructed with the Steaming process.

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Recommended Tools: Rotary
Pile Height: 1-1/2"

The Difference Between Steamed and Un-Steamed Pads

By steaming the wool, the tufted wool yarn strands bloom with heat and moisture, providing a full, plush feeling. With unsteamed wool pads, the strands of wool are sewn tighter together resulting in more wool in the pad.


  • Larger Strands – During the steaming process the strands bloom and swell, making the strands look visually wider.
  • Less Initial Blow off – One of the results of steaming the wool is that it helps to reduce the amount of wool that initially sheds from the pad.
  • Look and Feel – Because the wool swells, the pad feels more plush and full adding delicacy to the polishing process.

Natural White Heavy Polishing, Natural White Polishing, Yellow Polishing, Blue Polishing

Pad Size

7-1/2", 8"

Attachment Method

Bolt-On, Hook & Loop

Pile Height



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