Waffle Pro Pads Aggression Chart

Waffle Pro Cutback Pads

Buffback pads allow for the ability to access hard to reach areas while protecting the back plate.

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Attachment Method: Hook & Loop
Recommended Tools: Random Orbital DA, Rotary

Convoluted Foam Technology for Professional Use

Operator control is improved by the features of our convoluted design.


  • Reduce Heat Build-up While Buffing – The wavy waffle texture allows air flow underneath the pad to release heat.
  • Prevents Pad Skipping – Convoluted foam reduces surface friction allowing operator to run pad flat on surface.
  • Improves Control – Improves control and user experience.

White Compounding, Orange Heavy Cutting, Black Finishing, Blue Finessing

Pad Size

3-1/2", 3-3/4", 5-1/2", 6-1/2"

Attachment Method

Hook & Loop


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