Waffle Pro Pads
Waffle Pro Pads Aggression Chart
Waffle Pro Pads
Waffle Pro Pads

Waffle Pro Pads

Straight cut waffle pads offer an economic option in sizes for OEM and body shop use.

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Attachment Method: Hook & Loop
Recommended Tools: Random Orbital DA, Rotary

Convoluted Foam Technology for Professional Use

Operator control is improved by the features of our convoluted design.


  • Reduce Heat Build-up While Buffing – The wavy waffle texture allows air flow underneath the pad to release heat.
  • Prevents Pad Skipping – Convoluted foam reduces surface friction allowing operator to run pad flat on surface.
  • Improves Control – Improves control and user experience.

White Compounding, Orange Heavy Cutting, Black Finishing, Blue Finessing

Pad Size

3-1/4", 8"

Attachment Method

Hook & Loop


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